Program Philosophy

We believe it is a right, not a privilege, for every young person to have a creative life, to experience art, to express themselves creatively regardless of skill level and/or socioeconomic status and develop their own creative capital.

Our philosophy to arts education is inspired by the story of Walter Suskind.

In honor of the children saved by Walter Suskind, the Boch Center Education Department strives to bring the arts into the hearts and minds of today's young people, offering them unique experiences in the arts. They are given the chance to explore the arts, themselves and one another.

Our unique education programs aim to reach people of all backgrounds by providing free youth programs that are broad-based and culturally diverse. Making the arts accessible, interactive, fun and empowering for all participants. The goal of each program is to provide youth development, community learning, and access.

To learn about the Suskind Story, please visit HERE.

Whether your interest is as an active participant or as an enthusiastic audience member, our programs will show you that the arts are for everyone and can make a difference in everyday lives.

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Since 2009, the Boch Center has been cited as a best practice institution for featuring award-winning programs onstage and off.

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